A forklift truck took a 300 kg Indonesian man to the hospital

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A 300 kg Indonesian man had to be moved from his home to a pick-up truck with a forklift to take him to hospital.

Authorities said 27-year-old Muhammad Fajri was admitted to a hospital in the town of Tangerang, about 35 km from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, on June 7 after suffering complications from being bedridden for the past eight months.

As a result, Mr. Muhammad, who has been obese since the age of 11, had infections in various parts of his body and skin, as well as pain in his legs.

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Ciledug district general manager Mr Mulyadi, who goes by only one name, said he received requests from local residents to help transport Mr Muhammad to hospital.

“Upon our arrival, we found out that not only was the road to the patient’s house too narrow, but it was too big (to walk),” said Mr Mulyadi.

“As a solution, we use a forklift to move him to a pick-up truck which then transports him to the hospital,” he told CNN Indonesia.

Mr Mulyani added that the operation took two hours as they had to break open the door of the house for Mr Mohammed to pass through.

According to the director of the hospital in Tangerang, Taty Damayanty, Mohammed will be transferred to a hospital in Jakarta to receive better treatment from specialists.

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Mr. Muhammad currently has limited mobility and can sit alone. Doctors say his right leg cannot move due to an injury sustained in an accident.

“His current condition is due to excessive caloric intake and this is exacerbated by the lack of physical activity,” Dr. Damayanty to Compass.

Mr. Muhammad’s mother, Ms. Riwati, who also goes by one name, said her son sustained a wound in his right leg about a year ago and was bedridden as a result.

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“I hope he recovers quickly and can return to work as he is the sole breadwinner of the family after my husband passed away,” she told CNN Indonesia.

A forklift truck took a 300 kg Indonesian man to the hospital

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