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Wang Yan

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Perhaps you’re unhappy with your appearance, feeling as though your years have given you a few too many wrinkles.

Perhaps you’d like to have cosmetic surgery on your eyelids, or a “tummy tuck,” or breast augmentation.

Perhaps you’ve longed to lose your glasses forever and have lasik vision correction. With today’s marvels in medical technology, no one need suffer from low self-esteem due to issues of personal appearance.

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An increasing number of Americans are choosing to have their cosmetic surgery abroad for a number of very astute reasons:

Since insurance companies don’t cover elective cosmetic procedures, bearing the cost yourself is often prohibitive.

Cosmetic surgery abroad is much less expensive because of the high cost of living in America; this means higher wages for medical professionals.

In foreign top-quality medical facilities where the cost of living is lower and you won’t pay taxes for services, cosmetic surgery abroad is very affordable.

A lower cost for your cosmetic surgery abroad does not mean you’ll receive a lower standard of medical care.

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The state-of-the-art facility you select should be fully accredited by the country’s health care inspectors, and surgeons should be board certified F.R.C.S. (Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons), the highest credentials attainable in cosmetic procedures for those trained in the UK, Australia or New Zealand.

When you have cosmetic surgery abroad at a superlative medical facility, you need not fear traveling alone to a foreign country with a different culture and language.

A distinctive facility will assign you a Patient Coordinator who will assist you – in your own language – in accomplishing every detail of your travel itinerary, pre- and post-op hotel accommodations, the transference of your medical records, consultations with your surgeon, and will be in touch with you constantly throughout your “beauty holiday.”

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Unlike the majority of American facilities, having cosmetic surgery abroad means that you can have more than one procedure done during your stay.

For example, you can return home with both a face lift and a tummy tuck!

When you have cosmetic surgery abroad at a distinguished facility, your care doesn’t end when you’re discharged from the hospital.

Instead of the hassle of making follow-up appointments as you would in the US, fully-qualified registered nurses will see you each day in your private hotel room to check your surgical sites, change dressings, and provide other follow-up care.

Cosmetic surgery abroad is a much different experience than what you’d expect in your home town!

As with any surgical procedure, having cosmetic surgery abroad could have unforeseen complications.

If this does occur, you will receive the finest corrective care without ever feeling helpless and alone in a country not your own.

Exclusive foreign medical facilities go the extra mile to prevent complications and quickly treat any that do arise unexpectedly.

In all aspects of your care, your choice to have cosmetic surgery abroad is safe and uncomplicated with personalized care that will enhance your appearance for years to come.

About Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

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