an ex-policeman stabbed his wife to death and

Robert Collins
Robert Collins

Global Courant 2023-05-08 22:59:07

It happened on Saturday in the town of Federal. The attacker had an approach restriction due to a previous complaint of violence.

A woman was stabbed to death while resting at her home in the Entre Ríos city of Federal. The femicide was her husband: a non-commissioned officer retired five years ago from the Entre Ríos Police, who entered the house despite having a complaint for gender violence and an approach restriction. Hours later, he committed suicide.

The crime occurred on Saturday after 2:00 p.m. in a house located on Santa Rosa de Lima street, between Boulevard Urquiza and Pasaje Ameghino de Federal.

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There lived Mónica Trzuskot, 55, who had denounced her husband, Luis Luna for gender violence. On March 30, she had started divorce proceedings.

At the time and after the complaint made by the woman, the Federal Family and Criminal Court for Boys, Girls and Adolescents initiated a case for “guardianship of protection due to gender violence”; and ordered a series of “victim protection” measures.

Among the measures, the prohibition for the defendant to approach both the house where the woman lived and the clothing store she owned in the center of the city.

The perimeter added a new failure. Neighbors of the woman testified in the case that on Saturday they saw Luna enter the house and escape minutes later.

The retired petty officer fled the scene in the victim’s car, a white Toyota Etios.

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After the violation of the restriction imposed by Justice, personnel from the Radioelectric Command arrived at the house and found the woman with several deep stab wounds: her vital signs were weakened, but she was alive.

She was urgently transferred to the Urquiza de Federación hospital, where she died minutes after being admitted.

Since then, the femicide has been intensely sought. The Transition and Guarantees Court ordered a lock operation throughout the city and police personnel prepared themselves at all entrances.

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Simultaneously, an alert was issued to the entire province with the data of the vehicle and the retired non-commissioned officer wanted for the femicide.

Hours later, around 11:30 p.m., police personnel found the wanted car at the entrance of a rural ranch about 11 kilometers north of downtown Federal. The “San Patricio” Ranch, as published by the Diario Victoria website.

It was on National Route 127, and about 50 meters inland. Inside the vehicle the lifeless body of the femicide was found.

The case was investigated by the prosecutor on duty, Eugenia Molina, who confirmed that the femicide case will be filed in the next few hours since the defendant took his own life.

In the case that was resolved in a very short time, personnel from the Federal Departmental Headquarters’ Raiding Brigade, Criminalistics, police from Road Posts and the Operations and Security Division of the Entre Ríos Police worked.

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an ex-policeman stabbed his wife to death and

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