Arbër Hajdari’s strong statement about Kiara


Global Courant 2023-05-07 21:03:43
Arbër Hajdari gave his last opinions about this “Big Brother”, during an interview yesterday evening.

He said that the reintroduction of 4 residents in “Big Brother” penalized them more than it favored them, especially the reintroduction of Kiara and Efi.

Arbër Hajdari: I think that the reintroduction of the four residents into the house did more harm than good, as far as I have seen. The four residents who were reintroduced, a little more Efi and Kiara.

When asked which resident has ‘blackened’ more in this Big Brother, Arbëri tells Kiara because he has not received any arguments from her.

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Elio: The resident who blackened him the most?

Arbër Hajdari: Kiara. Kiara because I can never get an argument for what I expect.

Elio: How much did your outfit cost today because you look super stylish.

Arbër Hajdari: To be honest, your brother has no idea about the costumes at all, it’s a collaboration we have with Top Channel, where we take the clothes and return them again.

Elio: Balina or Zhaklina?

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Arbër Hajdari: Zhaklina.

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Arbër Hajdari’s strong statement about Kiara

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