Bad Bunny shows his injuries after “fight”

Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor

Global Courant 2023-05-08 19:35:38

San Juan Puerto Rico.

the urban singer Bad Bunny showed this Sunday the state of his back after his victory in the street fight against the fighter Damien Priest, held on Saturday during the WWE Backlash event in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The result of this fight is scratches, bruises, and red and inflamed areas, according to the photograph published by the singer himself in a story on his Instagram account.

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During the fight, which took place before a packed Coliseo de Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny received numerous blows and counterattacked with chairs, sticks, chains and garbage can covers, traditional weapons of street fights.

They fought inside the ring and in the crowd, even falling on a table, before a dedicated audience that chanted the singer’s first name, Benito.

Although priest dominated the start of the battle, the Puerto Rican artist managed to prevail with the crucial help of Rey Misterio, Savio Vega and Carlito Caribbean Cool, who protected him from the attack of the wrestler’s group “Judgment Day”.

Bad Bunny Thus, he returned to the ring to face his partner in his first fight in WWE two years ago, when together they fought against The Miz and John Morrison.

“Backlash” is WWE’s first “premium” live event to take place at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico since January 2005.

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Bad Bunny shows his injuries after “fight”

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