Case of a dead girl in Dinaf custody: “Change the girl for me, I’ll take her with me”

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keren lopez She was a smiling baby, who was born seven months old and who turned one year old on July 21, however, instead of being a celebration, her family was in mourning, since she died that day after allegedly being raped.

The mother of the minor, accompanied by other relatives, appeared on Saturday with a small white coffin at the San Pedro Sula morgue to claim the body of the little girl, who for three months had been under the guardianship, or legal custody, of the Directorate of Children, Adolescents and Family (Dinaf), the entity that referred her to the Nutre Hogar center, according to the family members.

The mother of the minor said that she took her girl three months ago to the Mario Catarino Rivas hospital for some hives, but that the medical staff reported the case to the dinaf due to presumed malnutrition, so before being discharged, she was approached by personnel from the dinafwho told him: “Change the girl, I’ll take her with me.”

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The young woman, a resident of the Casa Quemada sector, Cofradía, called her husband crying at the request of the authorities. After expressing by phone to his partner “they want to take my baby from me, I can’t find what to do”, the young man, who is a welder, went to the care center to prevent them from taking his daughter, but he could do little. “If you don’t want to, we’re going to take you too and we’re going to denounce you,” the staff told him. dinaf to the young father, according to family accounts.

After her referral to Nutre Hogar, through a lawyer, they agreed that the visits to the girl would be made on Fridays, days when the parents came without delay, and at the request of the staff, they collaborated in cleaning tasks and then received two hours of interaction with their daughter.

Arturo Avila, director of the mario rivas hospitalsaid to THE PRESS that the minor had a state of severe malnutrition and for this reason was in the custody of the Dinaf.

This medical condition makes you prone to complications from low immunity, such as infections; he developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, a degradation of red blood cells, the product of a defense reaction of the organism.

“The girl really died as a result of her basic pathologies, she did not die as a result of injuries secondary to rape,” he commented. The official said that on suspicion of rape, medical personnel requested an evaluation from the prosecutionwhich has not yet been delivered to the hospital or to the parents.

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“In hemolytic uremic syndrome, profuse diarrhea occurs, and these are sometimes acidic and can cause inflammation and generate anal fissures. When in doubt, the doctors requested the assessment of the Public Ministry, we hope that they will deliver the written report to us,” he emphasized.

The minor remained hospitalized from Saturday, July 15, at the Mario Rivas, until July 21, the date of her birthday and death. According to Ávila, she had several complications and remained in the Intensive care unitwhere he died.

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Case of a dead girl in Dinaf custody: “Change the girl for me, I’ll take her with me”

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