Drew Barrymore Revives ‘Never Been Kissed’ Role

Norman Ray
Norman Ray

Global Courant 2023-05-08 08:23:19

Drew Barrymore dropped out of hosting the 2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards in solidarity with the writers strike. However, the opening bit that was pretaped before the WGA strike still aired during the telecast and Never Been Kissed fans were treated to the actor reprising her role of Josie Grossie.

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Barrymore appeared in the segment dressed as her character from the 1999 romantic comedy directed by Raja Gosnell sporting braces and a scrunchie.

“Today is the day Josie, you’re finally going to get that first kiss no matter what it takes,” Josie tells herself while looking into the mirror.

After applying some lip gloss, Josie then starts traveling across the TV and film universe landing first in a scene from Smile. Josie is then transported into the world of Nope where she interacts with Daniel Kaluuya’s character but doesn’t find her kiss.

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Barrymore’s Josie then lands in the middle of the dance scene on Wednesday where she starts a dance-off with the titular character played by Jenna Ortega.

“You’re good, are you on TikTok,” Josie asked Wednesday.

Josie then travels to Italy and is seen on a yacht with The White Lotus theme song playing in the background. She is then in the middle of the scene with Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya as she tries to seek help from the gays who are trying to murder her.

“I’ll kiss them too,” a desperate Josie suggests.

Josie then goes on another dance-off, but this time with the doll M3GAN that turns scary when she threatens the Never Been Kiss star. A scene from Top Gun: Maverick has Josie being hit by a football before ultimately landing a kiss from the star of Cocaine Bear.

Watch the opening bit below.

Another bit later on in the show, Barrymore is transformed into Barbie’s kid sister Skipper. Barrymore is transported into Barbieland dressed as Skipper and hoping they will include her in the final cut of the film.

Drew Barrymore Revives ‘Never Been Kissed’ Role

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