From “Hindustani to Khalistani”: The Real Face of Secular India

Humais Sheikh
Humais Sheikh

The Indian nation portrays itself to be a secular state in the world but in reality, the Hindu population who’s in majority decides everything and play a dominant-recessive relationship with minorities. Under the fascist Modi regime with an aim of ‘Akhand Bharat’ and malicious Hindutva doctrine the minorities are seriously suffering. The Human Rights Watch (HRW) in its annual report criticised the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government in India for adopting discriminatory policies against minority communities, including Muslims.

In its World Report 2022 the Human Rights Watch said, “This, coupled with the vilification of Muslims by some BJP leaders and police failure to take action against BJP supporters who commit violence, emboldened Hindu nationalist groups to attack Muslims and government critics with impunity.” The Indian government cracked down on activists, journalists, peaceful protesters, and even poets, it added.

The HRW said actors, and businesses increasingly risked politically motivated harassment, prosecutions and tax raids. “Authorities shut down rights groups using foreign funding regulations or allegations of financial irregularities,” it said.

United Nations human rights expert has accused the Indian government of tacitly allowing incitement to violence against Muslims in a report that documents the state-driven and tolerated hatred, discrimination, and violence against minorities in India.

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The UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief, Ahmad Shaheed, who presented the report to the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council on Thursday, also denounced the wide-ranging Indian atrocities in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Sadly, the fierce behavior of Indian extremist Hindu leaders have influenced the overall Hindu population to run on the same track. In a recent incident a Sikh bowler from Indian cricket team Arshdeep Singh was targeted and called “Kahlistani” by Indian fans when he mistakenly dropped a catch in India-Pakistan match during the Asia Cup 2022. The Sikh population always remained a soft target for Indian state and its bling Hindu followers. The young bowler on being Sikh was trolled badly and was tagged as a traitor. The same thing happened with another Indian cricketer Muhammad Shami during the World T20 2021 when he conceded high economy after his 4 overs in the match against Pakistan. He was called a Pakistani and a traitor because he was a Muslim.

The point of discussion is that Indian establishment and its Hindu followers have grudges with the minorities specially Sikh community and Muslims. They have established a biased against these communities and try to corner them as much as they can. International organizations have also reported the issue multiple times and this biased behavior has led to establish movements like Khalistan for self-determination and freedom from the Indian atrocities. The criticism faced by the young bowler was not because of his performance as he performed well as compared to many other Indian players in the match. It was because he was a Sikh and the others were Hindus. This incident calls the attention of international community and human rights organizations to support Sikh minorities in Indian in their struggles of freedom from the fascist Indian regime.

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