He hurt his father with a knife and wanted to attack the policeman

Robert Collins
Robert Collins

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A strong family discussion ended in tragedy in a house in Gonnet, in La Plata. For Justice, the agent acted in self-defense.

A 27-year-old man was shot dead by a police officer after he attacked his own father with a knife. The tragedy broke out in a house in Gonnet, in La Plata, after a strong family discussion in which the young man seriously injured his 63-year-old father with a knife.

When the Police intervened, the young man, totally overwhelmed by the situation, attacked one of the officers with a knife, who opened fire and killed him on the spot. There were at least two shots, according to the police report.

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The dramatic episode took place this Wednesday night in a house located on Calle 518, between 132 and 133, of the aforementioned town in the capital of the Province.

A call to 911 alerted police forces. Two members of the Patrol Command responded to the emergency and when they arrived at the scene they encountered the violent scene.

“When they arrived, there were two women screaming and two men involved in a fight. The youngest, identified as Alan Sebastián Correa, had a knife in his hand and cut the older man (Joaquín Correa) at the neck, who was left behind. lying on the floor”, confirmed one of the police sources to the newspaper El Día.

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the house in Gonnet where the fierce family fight that ended with a 27-year-old murdered took place. Photo: The Day

The police report states that when one of the agents gave the “police alert”, the attacker pounced on him with the knife with the intention of attacking.

According to the police version, the agent took out his service weapon and fired at the young man, who received two bullets: he died on the spot.

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An ambulance from Same took the eldest of the Correas to a nearby hospital and there they found the cut he had in the neck area: he was sutured.

The mother of the murdered young man reported that her son had a two-year prison sentence (between 2020 and 2022) for having seriously injured his father, and that he had a perimeter restriction until last February to approach the home.

The restriction had not been renewed at the request of Joaquín Correa himself, who believed his son that after prison, he would not attack him again.

In the investigation for “injuries and homicide” the prosecutor from La Plata intervenes, Martín Almirón, who ordered the seizure of the policeman’s weapon and other elements.

At the moment, it did not take any action against the police officer since, according to the experts, he would have fired in self-defense.

He hurt his father with a knife and wanted to attack the policeman

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