How Asthma Responded to a Single Dose of Homeopathic Medicines – Antim Ars!

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Homeopathic medicine often creates a mystical feeling about the effect of medicines for novice homeopaths. The action of what is called the constitutional dose in homeopathy is often praised by expert homeopaths and much can be learned from these experts.

Hereby I explain a case of asthma that responded extremely well to a single dose of homeopathic medicine – Antimars.

Asthma is undoubtedly a crippling condition that worsens the health of the person day after day. The severe wheezing may respond well to the inhalers prescribed by conventional medicine people. But this is by no means the definitive solution to the problem; nevertheless, in the long run, the patient has to deal with various side effects of these drugs.

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To avoid all this hassle, homeopaths often recommend people to go for a homeopathic treatment from the very beginning so that it is relatively easier to treat than after the heavy doses of steroid drugs. In any case, homeopathy will help at any stage if the homeopathic doctor is able to understand the true nature of the disease and apply its healing principle in the most positive way.

The case I was talking about was no different. The 22-year-old man had come after a long battle with inhalers and other instant medications of about 10 years. He was out of breath, the use of the inhaler had increased over the past 2 years, he had terrible wheezing and was unable to carry out his daily routine with ease these days.

The person was even neater, well dressed, clearly cold at the slightest cold air, wheezing was heard, he felt extremely weak, his shortness of breath got worse when eating; so he preferred an empty stomach and a productive cough. Based on these important comments, he was prescribed three doses of Antimars 200 and told to take one immediately after going home and repeat the dose the next day if he thinks he still needs it .

Follow-up was scheduled after 4 days. And within 3 days his asthma disappeared like he had never had asthma before, with only 2 doses of Antimars. This is not a panacea, we should all remember that. Homeopathy is not a panacea. When the homeopathic principles are applied in the right way, with the right remedy and in the right dosage, such miraculous cures ensue. Since then, the patient has not had any form of asthma and if he develops any allergic symptoms or infections, simple homeopathic remedies help to get rid of the problem immediately and without delay!

Certainly not in all cases, so quick results. Some cases give us a headache, about what goes wrong. But in most such cases, the selection of the remedy or dose goes wrong or there is still a strong persistent cause to be eliminated, such as smoking. However, homeopathic medicines properly selected never disappoint us!

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How Asthma Responded to a Single Dose of Homeopathic Medicines – Antim Ars!

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