“My husband never wanted to kill our daughter, but to save her”

Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor

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“Hello, I am the partner of Miguel Ernesto Núñez Martínez, and this is his daughter Hanna Deyanara Núñez Sevilla. I want you to help me share and spread this video because they unfairly accuse him saying that he threw his daughter into the river, when things were not like that… ”.

She is Nicole Scarlet Seville and tells what happened the day they tried to cross the Rio Grande from Mexico to Texas.

“We had already crossed the river and we wanted to find an entrance to be able to cross into the United States, we were walking (into the river), he was carrying his chineada daughter and he was holding my hand and we went into the hole, the three of us. The girl loosened a bit, he was holding her up and he gave her to another man so that he could help her. The girl was fine, but she did it so she wouldn’t keep choking. Then we were both able to get out and we kept looking to get in. That happened to many more people, a girl was accused of dumping her child, and that was not the case either, ”says Sevilla.

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The Honduran woman, who is already on the US side with the baby, who looks good and smiling in the video, pointed out that when they were intercepted by the Immigration boat, Miguel asked them for water, crying for them. We were desperate from hunger, the sun, exhaustion, sleep. We crossed paths, and that’s where they arrested him and told him that he was going to jail for having thrown the girl into the river and wanted to drown her. Things are not like that, ”he says, letting out a sigh and holding back his tears.

She expresses that the agents of Migration They were not kind and told them that they would both be deported and he would be put in prison. Not understanding why Miguel Ernesto was so merciless when dozens of others crossed the dangerous and heavily guarded river that day, Nicole points out that she continued to fight for her husband.

“I showed them the girl’s certificate and his ID, they verified that it was his daughter, but they still took him away and now they are unfairly accusing him,” he lamented.

she asked newspaper LA PRENSA post their video because they are desperate, as they fear that Miguel will be unfairly prosecuted or deported. Ask the border patrol to release the full video of the incident.

Scarleth also said that she was able to communicate with him and that she still does not understand why they have him in prison. She claims that even though he has tattoos, he is a good person and not a criminal. “You can search in Honduras, he has no criminal record. We have been fighting these last two years to be able to get our daughter forward and now this is happening to us, ”she urged.

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To know

LA PRENSA spoke on Friday with the mother of Miguel Ernesto, Mrs. Gloria Martínez, who, crying on the surface of her skin, implored for her son, who, according to Doña Gloria, cannot return to Honduras because he received death threats after the murder of her husband.

He Bravo River, which is 3,034 kilometers long, flows south and southeast through Colorado and New Mexico until it reaches the city of El Paso, from where it forms the southern border of the state of Texas and the northern border of the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas, until it drains into the Gulf of Mexico (Atlantic Ocean). It is the fourth longest river in North America.

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The main international border crossings along the river are those of Ciudad Juárez and El Paso; Presidio and Ojinaga; Laredo and Nuevo Laredo; McAllen and Reynosa, and Brownsville and Matamoros. Other notable border cities are the Texas/Coahuila pairs of Del Río-Ciudad Acuña and Eagle Pass-Piedras Negras (this is where Miguel Ernesto, his wife and daughter crossed).

The actions against immigrants Those who cross the border into Texas, as happened with the Honduran Miguel Ernesto, have been condemned in recent days, even from the White House itself.

Miguel Ernesto cannot return to Honduras because if he returns they will kill him. He would never hurt his daughter, he loves the girl.

Nicole Scarleth Sevilla, partner of the Honduran

The White House, politicians and civic groups last week repudiated the border policy of the Texas Governmentin response to journalistic reports -rejected by the office of Governor Greg Abbott-, according to which police officers from that state received orders to deny water to migrants and even return children and babies to the waters of the Rio Grande on the border with Mexico.

“We saw those reports. Clearly, if they are true, it is abhorrent, it is despicable, it is dangerous. And we are talking about the core values ​​of who we are as a country,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said at a news conference.

The flow of migrants crossing Mexican territory to the United States is increasing again, despite an initial drop after the end of Title 42, as noted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Mexico.

Honduran Nicole Scarleth Sevilla tells what her partner had to do to save her daughter. She assures that Miguel Ernesto Núñez was unfairly accused in Texas, a state where illegal immigrants are repudiated.

“My husband never wanted to kill our daughter, but to save her”

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