Occupational Therapy for Those With Anxiety Disorders

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Many people suffer from anxiety disorders that limit their ability to go through the day without fear, worry, and debilitating stress. Occupational therapy may provide a way to overcome this fear by providing methods and tools for individuals to use to cope. Everyone’s needs are very different. This treatment may not be available or effective for all individuals. However, for those it can help, it can provide a lifeline and improvement of overall well being.

Can OT Help You?

Anxiety comes in a variety of forms. For some people, it is mild and easily controllable. In others, it is very severe and can escalate to panic very quickly and without any bearing on time or reasoning. In those without a disorder, anxiety is a tool the body has to prepare for a worrisome event. It is a type of protective response that’s naturally a component in everyday situations. It helps the body to become focused and ready to run or fight as needed.

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In some people, though, anxiety becomes out of control. It creates a sense of dread and an increase in motor activity. It can also reduce the individual’s ability to relate to others in everyday situations. Uncontrolled, it can also lead to distortions of perceptions. In short, everyday fears for most people become debilitating and life altering for those with this condition. For those with this severe form of the condition, occupational therapy can be highly effective.

How OT Can Help You Get a Better Image

There are various ways that this type of one-on-one treatment can help individuals suffering from this condition. It provides a foundation of education about what anxious feelings are and how to deal with them. It provides a step-by-step process for dealing with the tension and fear as it begins to happen. Patients receiving this treatment will often be given performance skills to allow them to properly manage the condition so they can go on with day-to-day activities. By providing tools and information to those suffering from this condition, it is possible to give them the ability to go through activities without the fear they normally face.

For those facing severe forms of this mental health condition, OT provides a resource for discovering realistic and unrealistic fears, managing the onset of panic attacks, and recovering from episodes of panic. It can also help in rehabilitation and recovery for those who face advanced forms of this condition that make it impossible for them to work or handle social situations.

Occupational therapy is a rather new treatment option for those with this type of mental health condition. However, it is one of the most promising treatments for those who wish to overcome and learn to live with the condition. It may help some to regain the ability to function normally in society and to achieve life goals. For others, it may help to minimize the need for medications. In all situations, OT specialists are often well trained to help children, teens, and adults with this condition through ongoing support and care.

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Occupational Therapy for Those With Anxiety Disorders

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