Some doubt that the $1 billion Powerball winner in Cali has been identified

Akash Arjun
Akash Arjun

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Story updated July 23, 2023

Hmmm. On Thursday morning, a woman wearing a black baseball cap was spotted at a store in downtown Los Angeles selling the $1.08 billion Powerball jackpot ticket. After thanking several people for the winning ticket, she quickly left the store and drove off in a BMW with tinted windows without speaking to reporters.

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KTLA 5 News reporter Eric Spillman mention: “She came in here and she screamed… She hugged people in the store and then ran. She claims she has the winning Powerball jackpot ticket. The ticket went on sale Wednesday at Las Palmitas Mini Market on Wall Street. The lucky numbers were 7, 10, 11, 13 and 24, with a Powerball of 24.

The store’s owner, Nabor Herrera, was greeted on Thursday by a swarm of reporters who informed him that he had indeed sold the winning ticket. “It’s a surprise to me … I don’t know what it is, filming or whatever,” Herrera stated. He now receives a $1 million bonus from the California Lottery.

The owner of the store now doubts whether the woman won. Others claimed the woman was faking it, though one woman said she believes the woman’s mother would have won.

Here’s the independent:

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Sarai Palacios, the granddaughter of owner Nabor Herrera, told The Daily Mail she thought the woman was faking her “hysterical” partying.

“She didn’t win – I’m not sure why she did. I think she just wanted to be on TV,” Ms. Palacios said.

Mr. Herrera told K-CAL he didn’t recognize the woman and thought “it was fake”. However, his daughter thought that the woman’s mother could be the winner. He said most of his customers were Latino and he hoped the winner was one of his regulars.

According to the California Lottery, for every Powerball ticket sold, 80 cents goes to public education. Carolyn Becker, a spokesperson for the California Lottery, said, “Thanks to this jackpot that grew for 39 different draws, the California Lottery has raised nearly $80 million for public schools in the past three months.”

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In addition, Becker said they will spend time verifying the purported winner. “They have to claim their prize, and then we have to spend time vetting the winner to make sure it’s the right person,” she explained at a press conference.

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The lucky one can choose between a one-time payment of $558.1 million or an annuity for the $1.08 billion. Both of these numbers are pre-tax. The top prize of $1.08 billion is the third largest in the game’s history since its inception in 1992.

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Some doubt that the $1 billion Powerball winner in Cali has been identified

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