Spanish media, Spain stopped ‘Meloni wave’

Nazim Sheikh
Nazim Sheikh

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Early general elections in Spain on Sunday resulted in the opposition conservative party taking the most seats, but the new government will depend on foreign support from separatist political parties in the Basque Country and Catalonia, according to Spanish media analysis.

Daily La Vanguardia, referring to the far-right Italian prime minister who came to power in Italy last October, announced the results in its headline as “Spain is stopping the Meloni wave”.

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The media outlet said the right-wing People’s Party (PP) won the Spanish elections with less than expected votes. Still, they failed to reach an agreement for a parliamentary majority, along with the far-right Vox. La Vanguardia stressed that Pedro Sanchez, the incumbent prime minister and leader of the Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), needs to convince the Together for Catalonia (JxCAT) party, which has so far not supported him, to stay in power.

“The PP won, but the resistance of the PSOE and Sumar (left party) frustrated the majority against Vox and left the government in the air,” the newspaper El Pais wrote.

The company said that although PP’s Alberto Nunez Feijoo won, Sanchez won votes and seats, adding that the leaving parliament allowed PSOE to repeat its majority.

However, El Pais underlined that it is “very difficult” for the PP to come to power, as the party is unlikely to find outside support.

“Feijoo won but (former Catalan President Carles) Puigdemont could make Sanchez prime minister,” El Mundo said.

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The newspaper said Sunday’s victory was “bitter” for the PP and the defeat was “sweet” for the PSOE.

“While Alberto Nunez Feijoo may have won the election, the reality is that Pedro Sanchez can re-emerge in power by forming a new alliance of losers and the submission – by abstaining – from Junts (JxCAT), the party of fugitive Carles Puigdemont.”

The ABC newspaper titled its election review: “Puigdemont or the bloc.”

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“The blockade is a definite possibility and it is up to the former Catalan president to avoid a repeat election,” the statement said.

“Feijoo won, Sanchez is blocking,” La Razon newspaper said.

“Puigdemont could be key” for PSOE to rule, he underlined, adding that PP will not be able to reach an absolute majority with Vox to get an investment.

As predicted, the People’s Party won the most seats in Sunday’s election, with 136 seats. But with the far-right Vox party winning only 33 seats, the two parties fell short of the 176 seats required for an absolute majority.

PSOE 122, Sumar 31, the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) 7, JxCAT 7, EH Bildu 6, the Basque Nationalist Party 5 and others won 3 seats.

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Spanish media, Spain stopped ‘Meloni wave’

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