Strikes and protests erupt in Greece, “security is required


Many sectors of the country tomorrow will be involved in a wave of strikes and protests as the unions escalate their movements for the train accident in Tempi, with the main demand being the safety of citizens’ transport.

The capital Athens, as well as Thessaloniki, will be without Public Service Vehicles for a few hours, teachers will be on strike, employees of the Railway Operator will also be, ships will be anchored in the ports of the country, while the Confederation of Public Administration Employees ADEDY has called for a large rally in the center of Athens.

In their demands, the unions organizing the strike demand that the real responsibilities be assigned to anyone, no matter how high a position they have, so that the crime of Tempi, as they characterize the railway accident with 57 victims, most of them young, does not pass into oblivion and to stop the privatization policy, which balances the protection of human life with profit and costs.

Pharmacies will also be closed for a few hours, buses and trolleybuses will not run in Athens as the Workers’ Union of this sector calls for safe and modern public transport and measures for the safety of workers and passengers. The employees of the Hellenic Train company, who are on strike today and tomorrow, also participate in the strike.
The GSEE private sector employee union does not participate in this powerful movement, while the participation of student groups will be very strong.

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While the wave of anger has grown and everyone wants to find out as soon as possible the causes of the tragedy of the collision of two trains last week, the investigations have started at a fast pace, while along with the political arrows between the government and the opposition, the weaknesses and shortcomings also come to the fore. for many years in the management of the state railway operator in the past years, but also during the last four years.

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