the case of an alleged thief who was transferred to the Courts

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During an operation deployed to follow up on a complaint in the San Julián, Chinautla area, National Civil Police (PNC) agents from Police Station 12 managed to discover two men who had robbed a private educational center.

When the PNC tried to capture the two alleged thieves, one of them managed to escape and only Jorge Luis Reyna Aragón, 22, was arrested. According to the police report, the men had on the outskirts of the school some accessories that they would have extracted from the educational center, including a door, cables and a bag that carried tools.

In addition, the PNC reported that when the agents entered the school facilities, they noticed that another school door was damaged, specifically the one to the computer lab. The security forces presume that the individuals planned to steal the equipment that was inside the classroom.

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After being captured, Reyna was taken in a patrol car to Torre de Tribunales, together with the bag of tools, the cables and the door that he had removed from the school.

Jorge Luis Reyna, an alleged thief from a school in San Julián, Chinautla, is taken to the Torre de Tribunales. (Free Press Photo: Edwin Pitán)

school closed

At present, the educational center is not in operation, derived from its closure in February, which was the result of the demand for extortion payment made by the gang members of the sector to the school authorities.

Given this circumstance, the owners of the educational center decided to protect the integrity of their staff and students, for which reason they suspended all their activities.

According to the residents of the sector, several merchants in San Julián have been affected by the extortions coordinated by gang members in that sector.

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the case of an alleged thief who was transferred to the Courts

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