the murderer was filmed with the corpse in his

Robert Collins
Robert Collins

Global Courant 2023-05-08 18:48:30

They arrested him this Monday in San Vicente. He is 30 years old and is accused of the femicide of Daniela Radke (26).

A 30-year-old man was arrested this Monday in San Vicente, Misiones, for the rape and murder of Daniela Radke (26), whose body was found in a ditch on Friday morning.

The man’s situation is extremely compromised, since he was recorded by a private security camera when he was leaving a tenancy with the girl’s body heading to the United neighborhood, where he discarded it.

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The investigators knew that on Thursday afternoon the girl left her house, on National Route 14, with a man who picked her up on a white motorcycle and was wearing a helmet of the same color.

Daniela’s relatives could not provide further information because the man stayed away and at no time did he remove his helmet.

The last contact the victim had with his family occurred that night around 9:00 p.m. He told them that he was about to eat a stew with a friend and that he would return home afterwards. And that she was in a house at kilometer 1952 of Route 14.

Now the investigators want to know why the young woman gave that address and not the apartment in which she was.

The police from the Homicide Department and the Dangerous Drugs and Investigations Division searched that area, but no neighbor had a motorcycle of these characteristics.

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However, over the weekend, a witness approached the agents and provided key information for clarification.

That person maintained that the murderer would be Calixto Alan Closs, a 30-year-old young man who lived in a tenancy on Néstor Kirchner avenue, in the urban area of ​​San Vicente.

The policemen found their work easier when the owner of the place told them that she had security cameras in the property. Thus it was confirmed that Closs arrived with Radke on his white Motomel Skua motorcycle with black details, around 5:30 p.m. on Thursday.

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But the biggest surprise came when the policemen let the video run and noticed that at 2:30 on Friday the young man left the place on the motorcycle, carrying the victim hanging from the gasoline tank perpendicularly. The return came eight minutes later.

The landlord of the tenancy told officers that she had not seen Closs over the weekend.

So, the undercover agents began surveillance on Sunday at 6:30 p.m. and this Monday, before dawn, they were able to apprehend the murderer, when he arrived at the rental on the motorcycle.

This morning, after the arrest, the judge in the case ordered a search of the apartment. Investigators believe that Radke’s cell phone and other items could be there that could compromise Closs.

Medical examiners established through an autopsy that Daniela Radke was abused and strangled. Her body appeared in a ditch, without shoes and her underwear was under a legging, at groin level.

The girl was quickly recognized by her relatives from a series of tattoos and piercings on her lip and navel.



the murderer was filmed with the corpse in his

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