Using Affirmations To Help Those With (And Without) Food Allergies

Wang Yan
Wang Yan

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Affirmations are so important. We need to constantly be feeding positive words into others, especially our children. The words we choose to speak can help build their self-confidence during their youth and carry on into their adulthood.

Affirmations can also be a great tool in helping your child accept and learn about their food allergy. “You’re doing such a great job always asking before you eat something” and “I’m so proud of you”, are just some examples of encouraging things you can say each day. Not only do these words help raise their self-esteem, but they also teach them important safety lessons.

Have you ever heard the ratio it takes for a positive comment to counteract a negative one? I’ve heard the range is somewhere between 2-10. That’s 2-10 positive comments are needed to remove the damage of 1 negative comment.

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The sad part is, we don’t always know what discouraging words our child is hearing and how many times they’re hearing it. Often, we don’t even know how our child is feeling either, especially when they become a tween or teenager.

It’s important to always pay attention to what your child is saying, both directly and indirectly. Listen when they’re talking to their toys or friends. Try having conversations with them about different issues they might be facing. This could help you find out how they’re truly feeling.

Children will experience different emotions about their food allergy during different times in their lives. They’ll often feel like they’re different, especially if they’re left out during parties and other food related events at school. Try to help counteract any negative comments they’ve heard or emotions they might be feeling.

Let them know they’re not alone. Try finding other children with food allergies that they can build a friendship. There are support groups like No Nuts Moms Groups, FAAN, and Kids With Food Allergies that can be an excellent resource found in your community. And of course, make sure they’re always hearing that you’re there to listen and help them through any situation.

A child with food allergies may need daily doses of encouragement to help build them up. But then again, that’s something that ALL children really need to be given. Try to say a minimum of 6 positive comments each day to your child. Not only will it help repair the damage of any negative, but it will help build a positive future for them.

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Using Affirmations To Help Those With (And Without) Food Allergies

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