Why Trampoline Fun May Not Be Covered By Your Homeowner’s Policy

Wang Yan
Wang Yan

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Ah, the joys of summer. As healthy as summer and after-school activities are for your kids, some forms have a definite downside.

A drawback?

What’s wrong with old-fashioned fun? The question has apparently been flipped by the insurance industry in all respects. When it comes to fun with potential danger, the experts say, the risks may be too great for a related company’s taste.

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So, trampolines – that device that allows your kids to jump until their energy runs out and then go some more – may not be in the terms and conditions of your home insurance policy.

Don’t just take the statement of this article as proof. Go ahead, check the facts for yourself. But please do your research before actually buying or using one, because if you find it excluded, you won’t be protected in case of liability for injury!

Read your policy carefully.

Is your trampoline covered? If you do not see a stipulated exclusion about trampolines, you have the green light for using them. Should an associated accident actually occur, you will have the insurance power that will generally pay for damages for which you are responsible in the event of a lawsuit.

But what if your trampoline is conditionally covered? If you are not sure about the question, let us explain.

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Some insurance companies will only include trampoline coverage under the terms of a homeowner’s policy if specific safety concerns are addressed. This means that your coverage is dependent on the installation of a net fence or similar precautions.

Then we come to a situation where an insurance policy does not cover the trampoline at all. Read the policy terms with a fine comb to see if such an item is excluded from cover. If you still plan on having a trampoline, don’t buy or use one until you get the right policy that will indeed cover it. Keep in mind, however, that a homeowner’s plan that includes a trampoline is likely to have higher premiums than a plan that doesn’t.

Certainly, discussing your specific case with an expert independent agent is the right way to approach the matter. Consulting with an insurance agent who has your best interests at heart will empower you in your choice of policy – something that will give you the right protection when you need it most.

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Why Trampoline Fun May Not Be Covered By Your Homeowner’s Policy

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