Zeekr Takes a Dig at Tesla While Unveiling the 001 FR

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Zeekr is generating buzz with a first look at its upcoming flagship model, the Zeekr 001 FR. This performance-focused iteration of the already available 001 EV promises to push the envelope and raise the bar.

While the new model’s unveiling images are captivating, Zeekr has added a touch of rivalry by making a subtle jab at Tesla. Zeekr cleverly stated, “Plaid is dull,” juxtaposing its own creation as “a new type of beast.” The obvious sporty design suggests a powerful machine. Naturally, these claims raise the bar, implying that the Zeekr 001 FR aims to match, if not outperform, the Tesla Plaid models. The veracity of these claims remains to be seen, pending real-world performance evaluations.

For the time being, auto enthusiasts can enjoy the allure of these teaser images while waiting for more information, as promised by Zeekr.

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The first shipment of non-FR Zeekr 001 units destined for Europe has recently begun its journey. Sweden and the Netherlands are the first destinations, where eager customers await. In the future, the company intends to expand into Norway, Germany, Denmark, and France as part of its expansion strategy. It is important to note that Zeekr is Geely’s premium electric vehicle brand.

The first batch of Zeekr 001 equipped with the 140 kWh Qilin battery has already been delivered to customers, ushering in the much-anticipated review phase. A key question remains: can the Zeekr 001 live up to its ambitious 1,032 km range claim in real-world driving conditions?

We learn about the first-ever range test of the Zeekr 001 thanks to user feedback. Notably, the vehicle is marketed in China as the Extreme Krypton 001, with the Qilin battery variant dubbed the Kirin Edition. While the accompanying video is primarily in Chinese, providing an authentic experience, a summarised analysis is provided for those who are not fluent in the language.

The impressive result of the range test is a journey of 864 km (536 miles) on a single charge, driven at a constant 120 km/h (75 mph) on the highway. ThisThis validates the vehicle’s capabilities above and beyond standardised ratings like WLTP, EPA, or CLTThe usable range was 840 kilometres (521 miles), with the final 24 kilometres being a gentle crawl. otably, this reveals the vehicle’s safety margin even after the battery indicates depletion.

The Lucid Air is the closest competitor, as demonstrated by InsideEVs’ test of the Dream Edition at a constant 70 mph (112 km/h), achieving 500 miles (804 km).  However, it is the Zeekr 001 that truly shines, outperforming the Lucid Air. However, it’s the Zeekr 001 that truly shines, eclipsing the Lucid Air’s accomplishments.

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The Zeekr 001 establishes itself as an unrivalled electric vehicle with an astounding 840 km of highway driving range. This achievement raises the prospect of lower speeds only increasing this figure. The Zeekr 001 could easily surpass the 900 km mark if operated at 70 mph (112 km/h). Thus, it appears that Zeekr’s manufacturer-specified range of 1,032 km is achievable, and prudent driving could potentially exceed this figure.

Given historical disparities, scepticism about manufacturers’ claimed electric car ranges is warranted. However, technological advancements have accelerated progress, reducing range anxiety concerns. Thanks to remarkable advances in battery technology, the conversation has shifted from fear to planning cross-country electric journeys in just a year.

Zeekr Takes a Dig at Tesla While Unveiling the 001 FR

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