12 years improving the quality of life of children

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This pediatric surgical center is comprehensive, with a service model from start to finish, this means that the minor begins to be followed up from the first appointment, until the postoperative stage ends. Everything is completely free, including medications.

Their working method is based on volunteers, the doctors who come from the United States to perform the surgeries donate their time for free, in the same way as the national doctors who perform the pre-operative and all follow-up appointments. Many private people also join in this noble work, giving away their services as translators, serving food, playing with the children and helping with the logistics of each of the days.

Children can receive the number of surgeries they need throughout their childhood (0 to 17 years). For this, they first have to be evaluated by pediatricians, then they go to the specialist they need and he will determine if it is necessary to undergo surgery; If confirmed, they enter the waiting list to be treated on the next day of surgery with North American doctors.

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During these 12 years, the Moore Center has sustained its facilities, medical and operating room equipment, medicines and food through donations made by generous-hearted people.

“We thank companies, churches, community leaders, families, doctors and Guatemalan people, who become our neighbors and who also with their donations say, I am present and for believing in this ministry. Thank God first of all for planting in the heart of Steven Moore, our founder, the love for Guatemala. Also to our partner CrediChapin, who has been supporting us for 10 years, to the Ronald McDonald House, which houses our patients from the interior of the Republic,” said Mariela Paiz, director of communications at Centro Moore.

Its facilities are located in the Historic Center of Guatemala City, 6th street and 3rd avenue in zone 1. They have 3 operating rooms, 20 post-operative care beds and all the services of a top-level pediatric hospital.

The specialty procedures they perform are:

Pediatric general surgery Ophthalmology surgery Cleft lip and palate surgery Hand and arm surgery Orthopedic surgery Otorhinolaryngology surgery Urology surgery Dental surgery Plastic surgery

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12 years improving the quality of life of children

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