Another Indian Propaganda On Balochistan: Exposing Fake News9 Plus Documentary

Exposing Fake News9 Plus Documentary

Muhammad Qasim
Muhammad Qasim
Another Indian Propaganda On Balochistan: Exposing Fake News9 Plus Documentary

An Indian news platform News9 Plus came up with a fabricated and maliciously concocted documentary on Balochistan that has already been receiving rotten eggs from viewers on both side of the border. News9 Plus is a video magazine and OTT service provider owned by TV9 Network whose founder Ravi Prakash is a renowned fraudulent in India. In 2019, The director of the Associated Broadcasting Company Private Limited (ABCL) – which promotes TV9, of which Ravi Prakash is the founder – had registered a police complaint against Ravi. They said that he fraudulently withdrew Rs. 18 crore from the company’s bank accounts.

Soon Ravi got arrested but due to his close connection with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi he was released on bail. It would not be inappropriate to say that the strings of News9 Plus are in the hand of Indian fascist PM Narendra Modi who uses his fake media machines to malign Pakistan. The current CEO of TV9 Barun Das also has close relations with BJP leadership.

The documentary on Balochistan is just another addition to the already existing list of fake campaigns against Pakistan. Such documentaries are part of India’s hybrid war strategy to propagate confusion and unrest in Pakistan. EU DisinfoLab report is filled with authentic facts and figures on Indian disinformation designs like News9plus.

As per the report there were 750+ fake media outlets working for Indian interest and spreading fake news on Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan with an aim to damage China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Balochistan is on its track to accomplish massive success as the development work in Gawadar is in final stage of completion and resumption of work by Barrick Gold (Canadian Gold mining company) bringing investment of billions of dollars.

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A concerted effort between civilian and military leadership for Balochistan helped in shaping a massive deal with Barrick Gold that would be extremely beneficial for the people of the province. As per the agreed framework, $3M has already been transferred to the Balochistan government last month under the Tanjeel agreement relating to gold and copper reserves. “We have not only come to invest in Reko Diq, but our priority is to open Balochistan to the world for investment,” said Mr Baristow, the CEO of Barrick Gold Corporation. In addition to that multiple initiatives have been taken for creating opportunities to aid the youth of the region. CPEC will be a game changer for Balochistan as the province is the heart of CPEC project. The documentary entails fake records of enforced disappearances and interviews of sponsored people under the garb of Baloch activists.

Pakistan has been working on the issue of enforced disappearances and formed a commission; CoIoED (Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances). The commission issues monthly reports containing the developments of enforced disappearance cases. So far, thousands of cases have been resolved and it has been found that most among the individuals disappeared fled to foreign countries or joined terror outfits without informing their family members and the agencies have just been made an easy target to put the blame on. The documentaries such as launched by News9 Plus are simply part of anti-Pakistan agenda led by BJP government. Indian media should focus more on the atrocities their government is carrying out in Kashmir. They must expose the devilish mindset of RSS controlled Modi Sarkar who has been badly denounced by BBC in its latest documentary. India before mudslinging other countries should put its house in order first.

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