3 young girls found dead in HK flat; mom said she did

Arief Budi

Global Courant

Hong Kong police on Monday arrested a woman who confessed to killing her three daughters – aged two, four and about six – in their Kowloon flat.

Initial investigations revealed that the woman called police around 11 a.m. claiming that her husband stabbed her and her three daughters at their home in an eight-story subdivided flat on Kweilin Street, in Sham Shui Po.

The South China Morning Post described the 29-year-old woman as a “Hong Konger with Indian roots”.

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Police went to the scene and searched for the husband, who delivers food for a living. But they soon discovered that the woman and her daughters had not been stabbed.

The three girls were taken to Caritas Medical Center, where they later died. Doctors there reported that the girls had no knife wounds and instead appeared to have suffocated.

A source quoted by the Post said the woman later confessed to killing her daughters and appeared to be suffering from mental illness. She would have babbled and talked about ghosts.

The woman allegedly told her mother by telephone earlier that day that she had killed her daughters. Moments later, she called the police to blame her husband.

Her husband met with police around noon to help with the investigation.

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His sister told reporters that he and his wife separated about a year ago and were awaiting a court ruling on who would get custody of their daughters.

Superintendent Alan Chung Nga Lun of the Kowloon West Regional Crime Unit said in a press conference that the woman and her daughters had been in the Sham Shui Po flat for about 11 months.

He said the woman had no mental illness and there were no reports of domestic violence involving the family.

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Supt Chung said investigators found blood on a pillow that may have been used to suffocate the three girls.

Officers also saw blood on one of the girls’ nose and mouth, he said.

Hong Kong Social Services said on Twitter that the woman and her daughters were being helped by a non-governmental organization.

Ms Susan Chi, a volunteer who works at the office of Society for Community Organisation, an NGO on the second floor of the building, told the Post she saw police detain a girl and another child lying on a stretcher.

“I was heartbroken to see this happen before my eyes,” she said.

3 young girls found dead in HK flat; mom said she did

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