5 additional coverages that will boost your car insurance coverage

Wang Yan
Wang Yan

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People usually don’t like to spend a lot of time buying car insurance. They think there are only two options on the market and that is civil liability which is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act and the second is comprehensive insurance. But the reality is that there are so many additional coverages that can increase your car insurance coverage by spending a minimal amount at the time you buy or renew the policy for your car.

To choose the ideal additional coverages to enhance your auto insurance coverage, it is very important that you understand the vital role of additional coverages.

Zero Amortization: No one likes to be in a situation where you get a shock to know that you have to lose your wallet to fix your damaged car, even if you have car insurance. But the fact is that no insurance policy fully covers your car in the event of loss or damage in an accident. To avoid such a situation, one should opt for No Dep. or Zero Dep. add-on, which offers you a full claim on the value, repaired or replaced parts after an accident. Ideally intended only for new cars, companies generally do not offer this type of add-on for cars older than 5 years.

No-Claim Bonus Retention (NCB): From the name of NCB Retention, this add-on works as a protection cover for your NCB. NCB is a reward for not making claims against insurance policy in the previous year. Normally, people do not use claims, but renew their insurance every year. The insurance company gives a reward in the form of a discount of up to 50% on the premium costs which is withdrawn by the company if the claim is made once. So there is a provision of NCB retention even if you make claims.

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Roadside Assistance: Imagine driving back home and your car gets stuck somewhere in the middle of the night for any reason, such as running out of fuel, a technical problem or a dead battery, what now? As the name suggests, this add-on helps you get home in such an emergency and takes care of your car. If you have chosen this supplement in addition to standard car insurance, you will not have to worry about getting help while driving in a remote location or at night.

Personal Accident Coverage: With this additional coverage, the insurance company provides protection to both the owner and any paid driver. You can opt for accident cover in combination with hull car insurance. This allowance gives you a payment of a fixed amount in the event of permanent disability or accidental death caused by an accident.

Daily allowance: In case of a major accident, the procedure to get your car repaired is too long and your car has to stay in the garage for days or weeks or even more than a month, depending on the condition of the car. In that situation, you have to commute by public transport or hire a taxi, which is an expensive option, especially if you have budget constraints. So, under this add-on, the insurance company will bear the cost of such daily commute expenses.

There are also too many other add-ons on the market including Return to Invoice, Engine cover, Key Replacement that you can combine with your standard insurance policy. So choose wisely based on your requirements to enhance your policy coverage.

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5 additional coverages that will boost your car insurance coverage

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