6 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Lasik Surgery

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Lasik surgery is one of the most recent medical advancements of the decade, working to permanently correct vision by reshaping the eye’s cornea with a laser to reduce dependency on prescription eyewear. This painless procedure involves avoiding participation in everyday activities following the surgery to allow the eyes to heal successfully and at a steady rate.

1. Stare at Bright Lights

Patients who undergo Lasik eye surgery are provided a set of dark sunglasses that will eliminate light and create a dim environment that is gentle on the vision. This includes going to sleep with protective goggles, which not only block out light, but also protect the eyes from being rubbed or scratched. Lights in the home should be dimmed, along with all blinds tightly shut.

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2. Drive

Undergoing Lasik eye surgery means having a dependency on other people during the healing process. Patients are not allowed to drive or transport themselves for a few days following the surgery, including at night. Driving at night should be avoided for a period of two weeks due to visibility issues that can occur. When going outside, sunglasses should be worn at all times, including in the car.

3. Apply Cosmetics

The eyes should not come in contact with cosmetics to any degree for a week following the surgery, which an often irritate and infect the healing process to dangerous degrees. Applying false eyelashes should also be avoided.

The only product that is permitted in or near the eyes are the provided eye drops that are used to promote moisture and hydration. The fingertips should also not come anywhere near the eyes, which can cause dirt and germs to easily transfer. It’s recommended that eyes not come in contact with fingertips for the first two weeks following surgery to prevent the Lasik flap from moving or becoming dislodged.

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4. Exercise

Although many assume that exercising will not affect the eyes to any degree after surgery, it is not permitted by physicians. Even after the healing process, precautionary measures should be taken and only mild degrees of physical fitness should begin a month after.

Rest is required after the surgery for three days, consisting of using minimal amounts of time watching television, using the computer, and spending time with family. Sleep is encouraged, as keeping the eyes closed will increase the healing process and reduce discomfort.

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5. Drink Alcohol

Similar to any surgery, the patient is not permitted to drink alcohol for the first two days. Alcohol can easily delay the healing process and should not be mixed with prescribed medications.

6. Taking Showers

Patients should avoid bathing in showers to prevent water from entering the eyes. Instead, taking baths are recommended for the first week without washing the hair. Goggles can be worn in the bath to protect the eyes from water. To wash the face daily, use a damp washcloth without using soap or harsh chemicals on the face.

6 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Lasik Surgery

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