A brand new sort of insect is found in Bješkët e Sharri, get to know “Potamophylax humoinsapiens”


Professor of biology, Halil Ibrahimi, introduced the brand new sort of insect found in Bjeshke e Sharri, referred to as “Potamophylax humoinsapiens”.

On this event, Professor Ibrahimi emphasised that this analysis had began a decade in the past in Bjeshket e Sharri.

“As we speak there are about 1 million varieties of bugs on the earth, however there are nonetheless some that haven’t been named and their existence shouldn’t be recognized. This analysis has began since 2010 in Bjeshket e Sharri. This analysis has continued for years, till the overview of this journey has been fulfilled“, he stated.

He additionally spoke concerning the analysis of bugs on the whole throughout the framework of environmental safety.

Whereas, for this discovery, the rector of the College of Pristina, Qerim Qerimi, has thanked Professor Ibrahimi. Rector Qerimi stated that each one those that do good and severe work might be appreciated.

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