A Brief History of Ceramic Umbrella Stands

Wang Yan
Wang Yan

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Did you know that your ceramic umbrella stand could have been made over a hundred years ago? Obviously if it says made in China at the bottom it wasn’t, but if you bought it at auction or got it from a relative, it might be.

Ceramic pottery has been found in many excavations around the world. The word is Greek and is usually interpreted as pottery. When you buy items described as ceramic, they can either be mass-produced in factory kilns or crafted by hand. The latter will be more expensive because it is a one-off piece.

When you go on vacation to Greece and other European destinations, you can often pick up a very unusual ceramic stand. There are regular markets where you can find great bargains, especially if you are willing to haggle. Don’t forget to convert the price back to dollars or you’ll find that the item isn’t such a bargain. You should also remember to pack it in your luggage.

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People will often buy a plain ceramic umbrella stand to create a focal point in a room. It is much easier to change some accessories than to redecorate. If you have a very simple entryway decorated in white or cream, you can instantly brighten it up by adding one of these stands. You don’t have to use them to store umbrellas. Some people will also use them as flower vases.

If they are valuable items, they can be stored behind display cabinets. If they are real heirlooms, don’t forget to add them to your contents insurance. If you didn’t inherit a stand and want one for your home, you can find a cheap ceramic umbrella stand online at stores like Amazon.com if budget is a limiting factor.

A Brief History of Ceramic Umbrella Stands

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