Avid Crenshaw High athlete killed outside party

Nabil Anas

Global Courant

By all accounts, Quincy Reese, 16, had a bright future ahead of her.

A talented athlete, Reese was a star basketball player from Crenshaw High School who also played baseball and planned to try out for the football team, according to family and friends. He also averaged 3.4 points and would turn senior this fall.

But that all ended tragically when Reese was shot and killed Friday night while attending a party with friends at an old motorcycle club in the Manchester Square neighborhood of South Los Angeles.

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Responding police officers found Reese on the sidewalk in front of several homes on 74th Street east of Western Avenue, according to KTLA.

No arrests have been made in the case. An LAPD spokesperson said Sunday that no other information was available about the shooting, motive or suspect involved.

Friends and family described Reese as a gifted athlete who respected others.

“He was a great outgoing personality,” said Ed Waters, the Crenshaw High Boys’ basketball coach.

Reese’s father, Quincy Reese Sr., said in an interview with The Times that “my world changed” when his son was born and that he would become an “excellent athlete”. He described Reese Jr. as a gentleman who loved his basketball teammates and wasn’t one to shy away from a challenge.

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He said his son had been with him all day on Saturday before being dropped off at a party where his teammates were supposed to be. He said he was waiting to pick up his son from the event.

“He was just a regular kid who had a bright future ahead of him,” Reese Sr. said.

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Avid Crenshaw High athlete killed outside party

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