Brand new Ferrari F250 hypercar spotted in action

Harris Marley

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The brand new and highly anticipated Ferrari F250 hypercar is out and fully functional. The Car Magazine UK saw him testing alongside Maranello

The color and overall look is meant to distract from the bodywork below, but you’ll find the doors cut into the roofline, much like the cockpit of a prototype racing car. The big rear wing is also race car aggressive and there will be plenty of active aero tricks along the way.

This hypercar, which should be on the market in 2026, would be available in a limited edition of 600 units. This includes 200 open-top Spider versions and a pair of XX track versions for Ferrari’s customer racing operation. And they are all responsible. It is believed they will sell about R45 million at the current exchange rate.

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With three years out of production, no one really knows what lies behind the midships in the Ferrari F250 hypercar. One thing is certain: it will be hybrid, most likely using a downsized turbocharged V6 mated to an electric motor with regenerative capabilities, rather than the V8 or V12 of old.

Power and performance are seriously impressive in the new V6-powered 296, so we expect the same, just pumped up to eleven from the F250 hypercar.

Main image: Car Magazine

Brand new Ferrari F250 hypercar spotted in action

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