Can you believe it? Daydreaming affects vision correction

Wang Yan

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There are too many people who find ways to improve eyesight, but very few spend time on preventing vision problems. And that when they think of improving their eyesight, natural therapies are usually not the first thing that comes to mind and most of them immediately go to their ophthalmologist. And even if they realize the natural improvement of vision, they are not aware that improper exercise also affects vision correction.

While, can you believe that daydreaming affects vision correction. Everyone is believed to daydream often, or even every day. It’s a chemical feeling to dream something that makes you happy, but as you enjoy the daydreaming, your eye muscles tense.

The point is that how daydreaming affects vision correction.

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Eye muscles, like any other muscle in our body, will atrophy if not developed and if you want to maximize its effectiveness, certain exercises related to the eye muscles should be done, but if improper exercise will contribute to side effects. While you are daydreaming, your eyes are wide open and focusing on two different things at the same time. During this process, the eyes send a message to the brain, which in turn sends messages to the eyes. The message sent by the eyes contains the images they see, while the message sent by the brain is what they believe the eyes are focusing on.

This must be a bit inexplicable. Let’s look at this example that is believed to help understand. An officer is sitting in front of a computer with eyes staring at the data on the computer screen, while yesterday, as he rode his bicycle on his way to the countryside, all he thought about was the beautiful scenery. At this moment, the office worker tenses his eye muscle to focus on both images. Although we are not aware of what is happening, it is not common practice to focus on several unrelated images at the same time.

Does this mean that we can no longer daydream to maintain normal vision? No. A more advisable way is daydreaming with closed eyes. While it sounds ridiculous, it will go a long way toward improving eye health and doing away with glasses and contact lenses and eye surgery.

So my goal here is to remind people about this problem so they know more about how to maintain natural vision correction. If you want to live a life without glasses or contact lenses, it is your responsibility to follow the tips.

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Can you believe it? Daydreaming affects vision correction

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