Castrol Takes the Stage at the Prestigious ‘Women with Drive’

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Castrol partners with MasterDrive, reinforcing its commitment to driving gender transformation within the transport industry and beyond.

Leading automotive lubricant company, Castrol, took a prominent role in this year’s anticipated Women with Drive event, hosted by MasterDrive. The event took place this Women’s Month at the prestigious Festival of Motoring and is an opportunity to champion gender equality in traditionally male-dominated industries. 

With the theme ‘WOMEN WITH DRIVE – STRIVE’, this year’s event aims to highlight the remarkable resilience and determination exhibited by women in the transport and energy sector. 

Jennifer Heyes, Marketing Director at Castrol Africa, and Charlie Naidoo, Finance Director at Castrol Africa, will participate in the event’s panel discussion, titled ‘Strive for Independence.’ This session will illuminate the journey of women who have defied societal challenges to regain their independence in their careers, while also emphasising the power of determination. 

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“Castrol is deeply invested in fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment, especially within industries where women’s representation has historically been limited,” said Heyes. “Our partnership with MasterDrive underscores our dedication to providing equal opportunities, promoting gender equality, and supporting initiatives that empower women.”

Rooted deeply within Castrol’s ethos is the profound understanding that transformation and gender parity are not just ideals; but integral values that guide business agenda for a more equitable world.

“At Castrol we believe that women should not merely be part of the industry but should be leading voices, decision-makers, and influential persons,” adds Heyes. 

Beyond the partnership with MasterDrive, Castrol actively runs leadership development programs that are tailored to the needs of women employees, offering mentorship, skill-building, and networking opportunities. This is where they can gain confidence, skills, and access to a supportive network that equips them to excel in leadership positions. 

This is a testament that the partnership with MasterDrive aligns significantly with Castrol’s core values – to drive inclusion, equity, and diversity – as well as create a meaningful impact by harnessing the full potential in its workforce.

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Castrol Takes the Stage at the Prestigious ‘Women with Drive’

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