Child support – the need in modern times

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Most people think that mental illness only affects adults. As society turns, it becomes difficult to balance a healthy family life and work, leading to adults suffering from anxiety and depression. It is true that adults often have mental health problems, but the mental health of children is equally important.

While most adults strive to combat everyday stress and worry, we often tend to overlook our children’s mental health. Most of us assume that childhood is the most relaxed time. It is very unlikely that children can suffer from mental health problems and illnesses. Student life is becoming more complex by the day. Childhood should be a happy time in one’s life. However, dealing with mental and emotional illness can hinder this carefree time. It can also affect and lead to more problems in adulthood.

Children can experience stress and depression just as much as adults, the symptoms may differ from those of adults. For example, instead of becoming quiet, a child suffering from depression may have unexplained outbursts and behavior problems.

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There can be a number of causes for mental and emotional problems in children. These may include things like meeting new people, coping with parental divorce, death, grief, abuse, poverty, problems at school, and peer issues. However, some conditions can also be hereditary and caused by genetic factors.

Child counseling or youth counseling is a form of counseling that focuses on children who suffer from mental disorders or behavioral problems. Guidance is needed to help the children to perform optimally and to adapt adequately to the diverse situations of life. Child counselors can help the children become mentally and emotionally stable, which can help them become healthier and happier adults.

Counselors today work with children using different types of therapy, such as play therapy, individual counseling, group therapy, and arts and crafts therapy. Through these activities, children tend to reveal many of their thoughts and emotions, and the counselor can also address the concerns. Kids today are aware of the counseling services offered to them in schools, but they also have stereotypes about seeing a counselor because they don’t want to be labeled “crazy.” This is where as parents we need to make them understand the difference between being crazy and reality. This can only happen if we ourselves understand that Counseling is a medium through which they can help themselves and live a healthy life.

Children face a variety of problems at school, from body shaming to bullying to peer pressure. Exams are designed to help children understand how to get better at a subject, but the current scenario leads them to experience stress and depression due to low scores.

Child counselors work for the children and with the children. The atmosphere in a counseling session is made more friendly and comfortable rather than an environment where they adjust their fear of speaking. Counseling helps children express themselves better and feel safe as they express their thoughts and needs apart from their near and dear ones. Like adults, children today also feel pressured to live according to society’s norms based on their age group. Sometimes the need to fit in increases and the inability to do so leads to distressing thoughts and self-doubt. This in turn affects their self-image and character formation.

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Seeing a counselor is a decision one makes for the better present of them and their child, which will then lead to a brighter and healthy future.

Child support – the need in modern times

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