Citizenship can purge Congress

Michael Taylor

Global Courant

Abundant are the faces of complete strangers who offer their services as future deputies, without even referring to their merits, professional abilities or proposals that give them an eligibility profile. There are tiktoker beginners, disrespectful buffoons, relatives of former or current presidential candidates, although installed in another party. There are also quasi vedettes and supposed community leaders who were not seen to raise their voices once before the excesses of the current Legislature, which leaves the parties that allowed said profiles to occupy their first polls in a very bad light, which of course contributed Funds for campaigns to have the right to land.

On the other side is the motley crew of 124 parliamentarians who are seeking re-election. They are 78% of the legislature, but a large majority of them can only be described as “depurable” due to their limited intellectual scope, the non-existent defense of legitimate citizen interests and their venal and thoughtless submission to the ruling party, without Respect ideologies, offers and supposed political principles, which includes disguised turncoats, especially in the face of the cancellation of drug parties and the realization of wicked pacts.

It has recently been 30 years since the unfortunate Serranazo through which a despot tried to cover his breaches and intolerances through a self-coup, which was rejected by all of society, the media, academic sectors, the institutional framework of Law and the international community. However, it was undeniable the presence of corrupt congressmen, dedicated to watching over dark interests, which were called “the depurables.”

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Only three weeks before a new appointment with the polls and despite multiple accusations of inefficiencies or conflicts of interest by the electoral authority, the citizenry has a legitimate, public, open and transcendental opportunity to reconfigure the Legislature, based on the current mess . The effort of 78% of deputies to be re-elected is obvious: some will be able to display achievements, others not. There are clear breaches, such as budget abuses, urgent laws not approved, involvement in shady deals, impunity efforts, and the lack of election of magistrates of the Judiciary, delayed for more than three years just to maintain a similar Supreme Court of Justice, but whose prolongation becomes unsustainable.

To this we must add the little or no supervision of the Executive, the official blockade of the interpellation sessions of officials and the lack of critical sense with confessional discourses that are far from the dissipated customs, opaque negotiations and political endorsements of various representatives. The bulging budgets, in deficit and tied to considerable loans, despite the improvement in collection, are not a small thing. There are also suspicious increases in spending without transparency locks or benefit to the population.

The citizens have in their hands the expulsion of the worst representatives and the permanence of those they consider salvageable. The system of fixed national and district lists makes debugging difficult, but it does not prevent it. For this reason the parties wanted names not to appear on the ballots. Guatemala will be able to elect better parliamentarians who faithfully respond to the objectives of development, education, probity, competitiveness and auditing of public power.

Citizenship can purge Congress

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