Counting of votes continues in Tirana/ Erion Veliaj


Global Courant 2023-05-15 06:29:09

The counting of votes has been going on for several hours in the municipality of Tirana, where so far about 10% of the ballot boxes have been counted.

According to the latest report of figures from the Central Election Commission, Erion Veliaj, who is running for a third term, received 15,072 votes (54.92%), about 6 thousand votes difference from the candidate Kelliçi.

“Bashë ​​Fitomje” candidate Belind Këlliçi has so far received 9235 votes (33.65%). After them comes the candidate of the Democratic Party Roland Bejko with 1268 votes (4.62%). PDIU candidate Lajla Pernaska has so far received only 242 votes. Arlind Qorri secured 1381 votes, while Marko Dajti got 244 votes.

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There are still 90% of the boxes still unopened and the new figures may overturn the result.

Rakip Suli secured a second term in the municipality of Kamza, while SP won in Vorë as well.

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Counting of votes continues in Tirana/ Erion Veliaj

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