Drug Rehabilitation: Treatment Methods

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Drug addiction is a very horrible condition, but it is treatable. Treatment in rehab allows an addict to return to a healthy, normal, and productive life. Treatment in various rehab centers is tailored to the needs of each patient, but still consists of general medication and behavioral therapies.

Medications generally help suppress withdrawal symptoms, drug effects, and cravings. However, behavioral therapies, including counseling, support groups, and psychotherapy, are for the long term. They help heal the patient mentally and bring him/her back to normal life.

There are different types of drug abuse treatment methods. Short-term methods include residential therapy, drug therapy, and drug-free outpatient therapy. For example, long-term treatment includes outpatient methadone maintenance treatment for opiate addicts and residential therapeutic community treatment.

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In the methadone maintenance rehabilitation method, the addict is given a controlled dose of methadone hydrochloride, a synthetic opiate, to stop the effects of the drug, especially heroin. It also results in a stable state of mind that helps prevent a relapse.

Another method of drug rehabilitation is outpatient drug-free treatment. It does not contain any kind of medication; instead, it is based on a wide variety of individual or group counseling programs for the patients who regularly visit clinics. This method is for people who are addicted to drugs other than opiates.

Therapeutic communities are programs in which patients stay in residences called rehabilitation centers for 6 to 12 months. This type of treatment is usually appropriate for patients with a long history of drug addiction, criminal activity, and diminished social performance. The patients in therapeutic communities are helped to return to a drug and crime free lifestyle.

Although drug addiction is treated with medication and counseling, spirituality and faith play an equally important role in the rehabilitation of drug addicts. These are the things that the patient is going to build on from the foundations he or she has built throughout the process of drug rehabilitation throughout his or her lifetime. In spiritual and religious rehabilitation, the more religiously learned staff members motivate their associates to live positive lives according to the principles of one’s religion.

These were some of the rehabilitation methods on the list of many. If you or any of your friends are addicted to drugs, help them by consulting a good rehab center because it’s better late than never!

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Drug Rehabilitation: Treatment Methods

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