Dumbbells Or Resistance Bands For P90x?

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There are only a few pieces of equipment that you’ll need for the P90x home fitness program. Among them are dumbbells or resistance bands, and a pull-up bar. Other than that, there are a few optional pieces of equipment that you can get, but you don’t absolutely have to have them.

You must have either dumbbells or resistance bands. Dumbbells are the popular choice for people who want to bulk up, but the reality is that either one will do the job if you have the right weight/resistance levels for you. Resistance bands are the cheaper option, and unlike dumbbells, are not susceptible to gravity. They offer continuous resistance during the exercise.

The gear you get can either cost a fortune, or be affordable. The biggest potential cost is the weights you use. Weights aren’t cheap, and will cost a pretty penny, especially if you try to by individual free weights. The most affordable option if you are going to go the weighted route, is to purchase an adjustable dumbbell set such as Powerblocks or Bowflex SelectTech. You’ll get many different weight options for a much cheaper price than you would if you went out and bought each separate one.

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If you want to do P90x but don’t want to spend too much on gear, then resistance bands are what you want. They are far cheaper than weights, and Beachbody makes sets of three that you can get for an affordable price. Pick the 3 resistance levels that you’ll need to get a good workout, and you are good to go.

In the end, it doesn’t matter which one you use, resistance bands, or free weights. They both offer resistance, and that is all that matters. Of course, when you analyze their differences a bit deeper, you can see that there are pros and cons for each, but ultimately they both will get the job done.

Dumbbells Or Resistance Bands For P90x?

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