Elm successfully completes her participation in GITEX Africa

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Elm (the leading digital solutions provider, has successfully completed its participation in the GITEX Africa 2023 by highlighting its portfolio of digital services and products serving the needs of the municipal, health, logistics, finance and transport industries. This edition held in Morocco from May 13 to June 2, 2023, the event was a huge success with a broad turnout of participants including industry leaders, innovators, governments, SMEs, start-ups, programmers and investors.

At the event, Elm highlighted its investment potential and its strategic alliances with a number of partners. In addition to welcoming several foreign delegations, Elm’s pavilion witnessed the signing of partnership and cooperation agreements with various local, regional and international entities during the event.

GITEX Africa 2023 served as an important platform for Elm to highlight its ambitious efforts and wide range of strategic projects aimed at meeting the demands and aspirations of its customers, partners and stakeholders by delivering exceptional services. During his participation, the company highlighted its industry-leading digital ecosystems and professional services that serve to help clients explore opportunities, difficulties and obstacles for which it provides solutions. In addition, it also provides data services for business operations and future expansion plans. The event further provided participants with the opportunity to interact and network with companies, business communities and individuals interested in innovations and digital solutions. Elm’s most recent technologies and innovations were also highlighted at this event, along with an emphasis on their role in improving the competency and reliability of operations across a variety of industries, as well as improving the quality of services offered.

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Majid Saad Alarifi, Marketing Vice President and Elm spokesperson, emphasized the importance of participating in top events such as GITEX Africa 2023 as it provides the company with the innovative opportunity to introduce and showcase its products and solutions to a large audience from different industries.

Alarifi said: “GITEX Africa 2023 served as an important forum for showcasing our advanced services and digital solutions, as well as interacting and forging strategic alliances and collaborations with major international organizations and companies in the technology, digital and electronic solutions sectors. . Our participation in such events is consistent with our efforts to expand our footprint, which helps us access more markets and broaden the scope of our services. The event allowed us to showcase our capabilities in supporting and empowering startups and entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth and increase their success in the market using various methods. These methods include providing advisory services, establishing long-term strategic alliances and investing funds directly to support innovation and collectively create returns on investment.”

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Elm successfully completes her participation in GITEX Africa

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