Elon Musk’s Twitter changes Blue Bird’s logo to X

Harris Marley
Harris Marley

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On Sunday, Elon Musk said he was looking for changes and updates on the social media platform Twitter. Musk said he will change the Twitter logo from the blue bird to the black and white “X,” but the site will still have the blue bird logo in the top left corner, as well as other references to the Twitter name. “And soon we will say goodbye to the Twitter brand and gradually all birds,” Musk said.

In a post on the social media platform, the Tesla co-founder tweeted, “If a good enough X logo is posted tonight, we’ll make sure (it) goes live worldwide tomorrow.”

The billionaire posted an image of a flashing ‘X’ and the Twitter space’s audio chat replied “Yes” and when asked if the Twitter logo will change, he added that “it’s long overdue”.

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Twitter’s new logo matches Musk’s payment processing company X.com and X Holdings.

Previously, Musk has said he would like to make Twitter an “everything app” that will include both a payment system and communications.

Musk shared that they are so protective because, “Our logo is our most recognizable asset. That’s why we’re so protective against it.”

Linda Yaccarino, Twitter’s Chief Executive, tweeted: “It’s exceptionally rare – in life or business – that you get a second chance to make another big impression. Twitter made a huge impact and changed the way we communicate. Now X goes further and transforms the global city square.”

Marketing entrepreneur Ben Parr, president of Octane AI and former Twitter employee, criticized the new branding: “Looking forward to Elon Stans explaining to me how destroying a universally recognizable brand is a smart business decision,” he tweeted.

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While former head of product Esther Crawford tweeted, “Corporate seppuku: destroying your own product or brand. Usually committed by new management in pursuit of cost savings due to a lack of understanding of the core business or disregard for the customer experience. The result is a huge loss of shareholder value.”

Elon Musk’s Twitter changes Blue Bird’s logo to X

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