Empowering Pakistan: Analysing the Potential of Pakistani Youth on International Youth Day 2023

Muhammad Qasim
Muhammad Qasim
Empowering Pakistan Analysing the Potential of Pakistani Youth on International Youth Day 2023

International Youth Day is celebrated annually on August 12th, serving as a global recognition of the power and potential of young people in shaping a better future for all. This event offers an opportunity to shed light on the efforts and achievements of youth in various countries. In the case of Pakistan, the youth have shown incredible resilience and determination in contributing to the development and empowerment of their nation.

A crucial starting point for understanding the impact of Pakistani youth is to examine their significant presence in the country. According to the United Nations, Pakistan has one of the largest youth populations globally, with over 64% of its population under the age of 30. This demographic dividend offers immense potential for economic growth, social progress, and political stability in the country.

Pakistani youth have displayed considerable entrepreneurial spirit, leading to a surge in start-ups and a vibrant innovation ecosystem. For instance, Pakistan ranked 5th globally in terms of freelancing revenue in 2020, signaling the strong presence of young freelancers in the digital marketplaces. Additionally, Pakistan has witnessed the rise of numerous successful tech start-ups, contributing to the country’s economy and enhancing its global reputation.

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The youth in Pakistan have taken proactive roles in addressing social issues and advocating for positive change. Many organizations and platforms have been established by young Pakistanis, focusing on education, health, environmental conservation, and gender equality. One such initiative is the “DeafTawk” app, developed by Pakistani youth, which enables deaf individuals to communicate with hearing people seamlessly. This app has not only transformed the lives of the hearing-impaired but also raised awareness about their rights and abilities.

Pakistan’s youth have actively engaged in political movements, aiming to bring about policy reforms and contribute to decision-making processes. In the general elections held in 2018, around 33% of registered voters were between the ages of 18 and 29, demonstrating their desire to make their voices heard. Furthermore, youth-led political parties and organizations have emerged, working towards creating platforms for effective representation and meaningful participation of youth in politics.

The youth of Pakistan recognize the importance of education and skill development in shaping their future. Initiatives such as the National Youth Vocational Training Institute (NYVTI) and various scholarships programs are helping youth acquire technical skills and access higher education. Ex-PM of Pakistan Mr. Shahbaz Sharif declared 2023 to be the year of youth in Pakistan by putting a total of 15 schemes worth around Rs. 150 billion for the youth. Additionally, youth-led mentoring programs specially the one designed by Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) that provides Pakistani youth a platform to interact with subject matter experts under its yearly internship program have facilitated the transfer of knowledge and skills from experienced professionals to the younger generation, allowing them to excel in their chosen fields. Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) a collaboration between Pakistan Army and Government of Pakistan will work to create new opportunities for Pakistan’s youth.

International Youth Day serves as a reminder of the immense potential of young people in creating positive change and empowering their countries. In the case of Pakistan, the youth population represents a valuable asset that can be harnessed to uplift the nation. Pakistani youth have showcased their entrepreneurial spirit, social engagement, and political participation, all of which contribute to the development and empowerment of the country. By recognizing and supporting the efforts of Pakistani youth, Pakistan can unlock its true potential and pave the way for a brighter future.

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