“Enjoy because you have little left”, the chilling threat of

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It was revealed by relatives of Rocío González, the young woman shot to death by Renzo Eduardo Chidichimo, who is still a fugitive.

The Saladillo police are still looking for Renzo Eduardo Chidichimo (25), the defendant for the femicide of Rocío González (25), a young co-worker whom he systematically harassed.

The victim had denounced him before the Justice on at least two occasions, but it was not enough. On Friday he went to the place where they both worked and shot her seven times. He then he ran away.

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While the young woman’s family awaits news from the investigation, Mariana González, the victim’s aunt, provided more details of the ordeal that Rocío suffered. And she revealed a chilling episode that occurred just a few days before her femicide, when Chidichimo threatened her: “Enjoy because you have little left.”

“This murderer was obsessed with her, he had everything premeditated,” he said in dialogue with TN. According to her story, Rocío had planned to go to court again to report the new threat from her co-worker, but she did not give it in time. “He went directly to kill her, he didn’t even have time to press her anti-panic button,” she said.

“Justice gave this man enough time to buy the weapon, have possession and kill my niece,” he lamented.

Rocío had already denounced Chidichimo twice for mistreatment, workplace harassment and psychological violence. Due to these complaints, precautionary measures were taken that were not effective. On Friday the assailant entered the office after her hours and shot her.

Since then, he has remained a fugitive. So far, the authorities have only found the motorcycle with which he fled abandoned.

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According to local media reports, the vehicle was found at the access to the “El Rosal” and “La Presumida” fields, 4 kilometers from the La Razón Surveillance Post. The case was in charge of the prosecutor Patricia Hortel, of the Functional Unit No. 2, and the judge Patricia Noemí Altamiranda, head of the Court of Guarantees No. 7.

Meanwhile, during the weekend there were several mobilizations in the city to demand justice. The organization “Vivas nos queremos” launched a march to the 25 de Mayo square in Saladillo to demand the clarification of the femicide under the slogans “touch one and we all go out” and “enough of sexist violence.”

“She was only 25 years old and a psychopath took her life. It is not women who have to fear the judiciary. I swear, niece, that I will go as far as I have to go, I will walk the province and, if necessary, the country,” added the victim’s aunt.

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seven shots

The violent crime occurred in the town of Saladillo, in an alarm business located at 2800 Frocham Street. Chidichimo arrived at the premises outside of his working hours and went directly to a room where security camera monitoring is carried out.

There, at that moment, Rocío was working together with another employee, the spokespersons specified. Without saying a word, Chidichimo drew a revolver and fired at least seven times in the direction of the woman, who was seriously injured.

After the attack, the young man escaped, while the victim was transferred to the local sanatorium, where he died as a result of the wounds caused by the shots received.

“It was seconds that the attack lasted. It went directly to achieve its mission,” explained an investigator consulted by this agency.


“Enjoy because you have little left”, the chilling threat of

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