Eritrea: Training in linguistics

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Training in linguistics and language standardization has been provided to members of the Ministry of Information, including 42 writers and script editors. The training was provided by Professor Tesfay Tewolde, Lecturer and Researcher in Linguistics and Semitic Languages at the University of Florence, Italy.

The four-week training program included, among others, the scientific study of language, the importance and process of language standardization, a comparative study of language standardization, the process and journey of bringing about a standard Tigrigna language, the significance of linguistics in the development and standardization of a language, the impact of pre-Semitic languages, the structure and phonetics of ancient alphabets and their relation to contemporary alphabets, the characteristics and structural relations of Semitic languages, and the impact of Afro-Asian languages.

Professor Tesfay underlined the significance of language standardization in the process of creating a national identity, as well as in the overall development of the education sector, media, and society.

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Participants also discussed the book “Standard Language for Mass Media,” a book prepared by the Ministry of Information in 2006, and reached a common understanding on the improvement of some of the contents of the book.

At the conclusion of the training, Mr. Mokria Woldu, Director General of External Services in the Ministry of Information, commending Professor Tesfay for his contribution, said that the training program was unique because it expanded the participants understanding of linguistics and language standardization.

Professor Tesfay, on his part, indicated that he was able to gain constructive information from the discussions held and commended the trainees for the interest and participation they demonstrated during the training period.

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Eritrea: Training in linguistics

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