Google to possibly add multi-device support for RCS messaging

Harris Marley
Harris Marley

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Reports have revealed that Google could possibly have plans to make it easier for Android users to send and receive RCS messages from Google Messages to other phones and devices.

A few code strings in Google Messages have shown that Google intends to use phone numbers to make interacting with RCS chats on multiple devices a reality. However, it may also require a Google account to do so.

At the current moment, the Google Messages app doesn’t allow users to have access to their chats on multiple devices with the same phone number.

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First to spot the strings of code was Blogger AssembleDeBug:

“Use your phone number to send and receive messages on devices signed into your Google account.”

“Message from your phone number on your other devices.”

The current workaround to read and send RCS messages on a second phone is somewhat a tedious process as it requires users to use Google Messages in their phone browser and enable the desktop website option to pair it by scanning a QR code.

If the lines of code are anything to go by, users with multiple phones could soon no longer have to take these steps.

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With that being said though, it should be noted that a deeper dive into the code suggests that the feature could be specifically designed for Android Tablets, which use the web version of messages.

According to AssembleDeBug, there is nothing stopping Google from bringing the update to phones as well.

Google to possibly add multi-device support for RCS messaging

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