Herbal Treatment For Diabetes

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The main purpose of treating diabetes with herbs is to repair the pancreas, strengthen the kidneys, wipe out the symptoms, stop sugar and glucose from entering or mixing with the urine and maintain a natural body balance. However, there are some facts to note when treating diabetes and they include the following.

1) Insulin dependent diabetes is more difficult to treat than non-insulin dependent diabetes.

2) Those that developed diabetes at the age of fifty and above responds to herbal treatment of diabetes more quickly than those in their forty or thirty years.

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3) While treating insulin -dependent diabetes, it is recommended that the patient should combine the herbal treatment with injections for four weeks. This is to reduce the volume of the insulin after which the injection dosage should be stopped and then continue with the herbal treatment. While administering the injections, the volume of the injection should be reduced to half after the first two weeks and at the expiration of the four weeks, it should be discontinued. However, the patient must continue to check the urine and blood regularly in order to monitor their sugar levels. Best of all, the patient should consult a qualified herbal scientist for proper medical check-up.



A) Cashew stem-bark (half small bucket.)

B) 7 green pawpaw leaves

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C) 1 medium size pot of bitter leaf

D) 10 bulbs of garlic

E) 10 fingers of pieces of ginger

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F) 5 bulbs of onions

G) 10 pods of capsicum frutescens, ie African red pepper or bird’s pepper. ( the smallest pepper you can find in the market; very tiny.)

H) 15 pieces of xylopia aethiopica.

I) 15 liters of water

J) 2 bottles of natural honey


Boil materials A-H together with the 15 litres of water for forty minutes; allow it to stand for 24 hours before adding the honey. Stir well, sieve and store in a container.


One glass 3 times daily for two month

Herbal Treatment For Diabetes

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