How to Find Out If You Need Individual Vision Insurance?

Wang Yan
Wang Yan

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For people with vision problems, vision insurance can be a real life saver. When you consider that one has to spend anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars every year on prescription glasses, contact lenses, and regular eye visits, it makes a lot of sense to get insured and drastically cut down these costs.

Individual vision insurance can be easily obtained through your employer. Most companies offer individual as well as group packages to insure not just yourself but also your family. This is a great plan for families that have more than one person with vision problems.

There have been cases when insurance providers haven’t lived up to their promises and charged people hundreds of dollars through some clause in the fine print of the contract. Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully go through your policy and comb out any suspicious clause that may have you pay hundreds of dollars extra for treatment.

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Points like the one mentioned above make many people think whether individual vision insurance is even a justified expense. After all, a policy costs around $15-20 each month. If you have just mild vision problems, can take care of your contact lenses/prescription glasses (i.e. you can manage not to break/lose them), then your total expenses for treatment every year might be just around the expenses on an insurance policy. For such people, it may make financial sense to not purchase such a policy.

But for others who have severe vision problems or keep on losing/breaking their prescription glasses and contact lenses, individual insurance can cut down the costs drastically. You can literally save hundreds of dollars, especially on prescription glasses and contact lenses, which usually cost hundreds of dollars.

In the end, you have to sit down and analyze your total expenses every year on vision related problems. If it is more than $150, then by all means, go for a vision insurance policy.

How to Find Out If You Need Individual Vision Insurance?

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