How to make hair dye last longer

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Whether brown, black or deep red, it is possible to change the hair color. But even the result of permanent coloring does not last forever. How can the application of the following tincture be delayed?

It is necessary to take into account that hair grows half a millimeter per day. What may then be good news for all those who want their hair to grow after a cut will, on the other hand, become a nuisance for people who dye it, since the growth at the roots will be quickly noticeable.

However, if you don’t have time to dye yourself again or have it dyed immediately at the hairdresser, you can hide it at home, at least for a short period of time, reports the German portal

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This is possible with the so-called powder dye. This can be applied to growing hair at the roots, similar to eyeshadow, for example, with a brush.

Special sprays, meanwhile, also cover the natural hair color at the roots with color pigment. They are used in a similar way to hairspray.

Important for both product groups is that you choose the right shade for the corresponding coloration. And, as needed, apply regularly with the spray or brush. Because this type of temporary dye will only remain until the next hair wash.

If you want the color to last throughout the length of the hair, special care treatments for colored, colored or highlighted hair can be useful.

Available as intensive three-minute or biphasic cure treatments, these products often contain UV filters and repair components, and seal in the hair’s color pigments.

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According to, color-treated hair should ideally retain up to 90 percent of its original color shine after 30 washes.

How long the dye will stay on the hair will depend mainly on the type of coloring product.

Level 2 permanent dyes hold up to 24 washes. Level 3 permanent color products are almost permanent until growth begins.

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How to make hair dye last longer

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