Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir: A Hub of Human Rights Violations

John Millet
John Millet

October 27, 1947 was the day when brutality on Kashmiri people started with the invasion by Indian Army in IIOJ&K violating the partition plan of the subcontinent and International Law. When India and Pakistan became independent on August 1947, it was regarded that Kashmir, as an adjoining state with a predominantly Muslim population, would accede to Pakistan. However, its ruler, Maharaja Hari Singh the last maharaja ruler of Kashmir who was already facing internal agitation and “Quit Kashmir” movement against his autocratic rule on 27 October, 1947 acceded J&K to India through an improper and illegal instrument of Accession and on the same day, India winched its forces to Srinagar and illegally occupied the Kashmir valley. Hence, October 27 is the darkest day in the history of Kashmir called internationally as “Black Day” as it was the day when Kashmir valley was illegally sold to India stripping the Indian Independence Act and International Law.

India through organized disinformation campaigns is trying to change the cognitions of Kashmiri Youth. Billboards are being erected in IIOJ&K that Pakistan occupied Kashmir through tribal fighters. Oct 27, 1947, India had illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Aug 5, 2019, it took further steps to unilaterally alter the disputed status of the territory and change its demographic structure and identity. India unleashed constitutional terrorism in IIOJ&K by introducing several new laws post 5 August 2019. The main aim was to change demographic structure of the disputed region and further suppress / exploit the inhabitants of the besieged valley.

Normalcy in IIOJ&K will be peace of graveyard. The maliciously choreographed attempts of BJP government post-Aug 5 to project so-called normalcy has failed miserably. After the barbaric step of Indian establishment on Aug 5 International community has expressed serious concerns over the brewing humanitarian crisis in IIOJ&K. As per the report released by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service on 30th September, 2022, “Indian troops in their continued acts of state terrorism martyred 17 Kashmiris in only the month of September alone.” Moreover, the report added that, “From January 1989 till Sep 2022, Indian Security forces have killed 96,148 civilians in fake encounters and 16,5400 were arrested during this time period in IIOJ&K.

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In a report published by Amnesty International on June 10, 2022 titled, “Increase in Unlawful Killings in Jammu & Kashmir” reported that “for decades, people of Jammu & Kashmir have suffered from gross human rights violations and abuses committed by both state and non-state actors. It stated that 87 civilians were killed by armed groups in IIOJ&K during August 2019 to November 2021. Collective punishment measures have been imposed by the Indian authorities under the garb of counter terrorism ops. Amnesty international report titled “summary of Human Rights Concern in India” published in 2022, “Torture by the security forces is a daily routine so brutal that hundreds have died in custody as a result. Scores of women claim that they have been raped. Efforts by relatives to use legal avenues to obtain redress have been persistently frustrated: court orders to protect detainees are routinely flouted and legal machinery in the state has broken down.” The report further added that the special laws in force in the country specially in IIOJ&K are in clear violation with the International human rights standards in International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The report published by US Human Rights Watch in 2022 exposed India’s real face to the world by highlighting Indian authority’s repressive laws in IIOJ&K. The report highlighted the concerns of excessive use of force and torture in IIOJ&K during cordon and search operations resulting in civilian deaths. The resistance leaders are captured and tortured. Every voice that stands in front is silenced. International community has a responsibility towards the poor Kashmiris brutalized by Indian authorities and they must speak for them.

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