Internet Weight Loss Programs – How Do I Know Which One is Right For Me?

Wang Yan
Wang Yan

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Type in “weight loss”, “six pack abs”, or “fat loss” and you will more than likely find hundreds of programs and e-books that claim to be the secret to burning excess fat. If you read each one, you are probably as confused as I am…

I was a college football player, who let myself go as I started my induction into the workforce. I still had some of the diets and workout regiments that we used in college, but they were all designed to build muscle and maintain lean muscle mass (not burn excess fat on a middle aged male).

Regardless of what you search for on the internet, you are inevitably going to see one of those ads for “lose 6 lbs in 9 days”, or “find the secret to six pack abs”, but how do you know which abs workout really works? As I started searching for them, I came across several dozen different workout books. With catchy titles like “The Truth About Six Pack Abs”, “No Nonsense Six Pack Abs”, and “Burn The Fat” just to name a few, I started to notice a trend.

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1. They all claimed to have a secret that the fitness industry didn’t want anyone to know
2. All of the weight loss programs claimed to be the top selling e-book
3. All of them had the same basic sales pitch

With so many “guaranteed” programs on the market, how do you know which program actually works to burn fat and help slim down your stomach? It is very hard to tell how each weight loss program differs based on their sales pages. Rather than taking their customer feedbacks at face value, I decided to seek out some actual users of the products to see if I could determine which exercise programs and diet guides were really going to help with my goals.

As I started researching the fat burning workouts, I found that there are some significant differences between them. For example, the top selling e-book according to (which is an e-product marketing company), focuses more on simplified programs for toning your stomach and changing your nutritional diet to make changes (that is Mike Geary’s- The Truth About Six Pack Abs). The book 7-Minute Muscle by Jon Benson, which also claims to burn fat and sculpt your midsection, it focused more on gym exercises and condensing your workout into shorter workouts (not as much about dieting and abs exclusively). The far extreme that I found was the book titled Top Secret Fat Loss Secret which actually talked about detoxification and natural supplements to help burn fat and cleanse the body…. certainly not what I was looking for.

So before you start a search for any weight loss program or fat burning workout on the internet, take some time to do the research. There are a lot of good workout programs on the market, but not all of them will be exactly what you are looking for. If you take your time, analyze each exercise program, and find some honest reviews of the programs, you should be able to find a program that matches up with your specific goals.

Internet Weight Loss Programs – How Do I Know Which One is Right For Me?

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