Kartarpur: How Pakistan Opened Arms for Sikhs while India clamps down on minorities

Robert Miller
Robert Miller

India is one of those countries that pursues state terrorism against its minorities despite of being a so-called secular state. The Hindutva driven Modi regime has made the lives of its minorities extremely difficult. There is no say for them on national level instead they are being tortured and forced to get rid of their religious sentiments. Fascist Modi with the help of Rashtriya Swamsawak Sung (RSS) convinced its cult followers that Hinduism is the only acceptable religion in India and the dream of Akhand Bharat must be the aspiration of every Indian.

The RSS leaders over the time have gained strength with the support from fascist Indian government which has viciously targeted all the minorities based in India due to their religious views. An extremist Hindu Monk and RSS leader Yati Narsinghanand in his recent statement said; “Hindus should bomb Madrasas and Aligarh Muslim University.” As per Hindutva Watch, which works for the rights of minorities in India have observed that since the Modi government came in power, 1418 incidents of hate crimes have occurred, 19,246 people became victims of these crimes, 261 people were killed and around 2481 got injured at the hands of Hindu extremists supported by the government. An anti-Christian bill was passed in Bengaluru, India that enabled Hindu extremist to harass interfaith couples mainly Muslims and Christians.

A few months ago the famous singer Sidhu Moosewala was murdered on the call of Indian state authorities due to his alleged affiliation with the Sikh freedom struggle of Khalistan. The organizations working for Sikh rights in India are carrying out a referendum in Canada to get liberation from extremist Indian state in order to live freely as per their religious values. Sikh leaders were bashed and given death threats when they asked for justice in 1984 anti-Sikh riots case by BJP government officials. The Minority Rights Group declared the violence against minorities in India as crime against humanity. As per the World Report of Human Rights Watch on the treatment of minorities in India; “Attacks continued against minorities, especially Muslims, even as authorities failed to take action against BJP leaders who vilified Muslims and BJP supporters who engaged in violence.”

On the other hand, Pakistan is working to promote the rights of minority groups at national level. The government of Pakistan has facilitated minority groups including Hindus, Christians and specially Sikh community to exercise their religious rituals and obligations. One text book example in Kartarpur Corridor that was built to let the Sikh community around the world to come and visit their Holy site as per of Pakistan’s efforts to promote religious tourism. Extraordinary arrangements are made every year to facilitate a huge influx of pilgrims that come to visit their ‘Holy sites’.

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This year in June British Sikh soldiers while acknowledging the efforts of Pakistan for their minority groups visited their religious sites in the country and lauded the overarching support provided by the government and Pakistan Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa. To facilitate the foreign religious tourists, at government level the Ministry of Religious Affairs has constituted the Pakistan Hindu Mandir Management Committee on the pattern of the already working Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee for taking care of minority community’s temples in the state. This year again, three-day event of the 483rd death anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak has commenced in Kartarpur on Tuesday in which pilgrims from around the world including India are participating who are being facilitated by the government of Pakistan. The Indian establishment working on the ultra-nationalist doctrine should learn from Pakistan that how the minorities must be treated and the international community should pressurize the fascist Modi regime to stop their fanatic acts against minorities and allow them full religious liberty and freedom to preach and visit their religious holy sites.

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