kyiv confirms “offensive actions” in various sectors of the

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Russia reported that it had repelled “a large-scale offensive” by the enemy, causing heavy losses at Donetsk.

Without indicating that this is its long-awaited “counteroffensive”, Ukraine confirmed on Monday that it is carrying out “offensive actions” in certain sectors of the front, and claimed advances near the devastated city of Bakhmut, in the east.

In the early hours of Monday, Russia reported that it had repelled “a large-scale offensive” by Ukraine in the Donetsk region. kyiv responded, stating that this was a disinformation move by Moscow.

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However, hours later, Ukraine confirmed progress on various parts of the front.

“(Ukraine’s) defensive operation includes counter-offensive actions. Therefore, in certain sectors, we are carrying out offensive actions,” Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Ganna Maliar said on Telegram.

Bakhmut, the epicenter

“The Bakhmut sector remains the epicenter of hostilities. We are advancing on a fairly broad front. We are achieving successes and occupying the commanding heights. The enemy is on the defensive,” he added.

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Smoke from shelling near the Russian border. Photo: Reuters

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According to Maliar, Russia has started talking about the start of the expected Ukrainian counteroffensive “to divert attention from their defeat in the Bakhmut area.”

Russia claimed that it had repelled the Ukrainian offensive, causing heavy human and material losses to its adversary.

According to Moscow, Ukraine would have lost more than 250 men and numerous armored vehicles, including 16 tanks, in this alleged failed offensive.

Ukrainian soldiers tour the town of Vovchansk in Kharkov. Photo: Reuters

The Ukrainian government has been preparing a major counteroffensive for months to expel Russian troops from the areas they occupy. However, the Ukrainian authorities have warned that they will not reveal anything about their plans or the timetable.

In May, the Russian Wagner paramilitary group claimed to have captured the city of Bakhmut after the longest and deadliest battle of the war.

Its chief, Yevgeny Prigozhin, confirmed on Monday that Ukrainian forces had recaptured part of the town of Berkhivka, north of Bakhmut.



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kyiv confirms “offensive actions” in various sectors of the

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