Malaysia is considering passing legislation on AI

Arief Budi
Arief Budi

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PETALING JAYA – The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation is exploring the possibility of regulating artificial intelligence (AI) applications in Malaysia, including labeling material produced by such apps as “AI-generated” or “AI-assisted.”

Minister Chang Lih Kang said it is considering taking the lead in drafting a bill, consulting technology experts, legal professionals, stakeholders and the public to ensure it is robust and relevant.

“It is a strategic move given the global trend towards tighter regulation around the use of AI,” he told the Sunday Star.

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Mr Chang said that due to the widespread use of AI, it would be essential to label all material produced by generative AI as “AI-generated” or “AI-enabled” to ensure transparency and enable informed consumption.

“We need to actively research and advocate for policies that clearly identify content produced in whole or in part by AI. In addition, adopting global standards for AI transparency and pushing for relevant certification can bolster these transparency efforts,” he said.

“These standards may include guidelines for labeling AI-produced content and providing easy-to-understand explanations of how AI systems work,” he added.

In March, the World Economic Forum reported that the European Union was working on a legal framework for regulating the use of AI, with a particular focus on galvanizing rules on data transparency, quality, accountability and human oversight.

Dubbed the “AI law,” the legislation also aims to resolve “ethical questions and implementation challenges” in various industries, including education, finance and healthcare.

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On July 21, AI companies including OpenAI, Alphabet and Meta made voluntary commitments to the United States government to take measures such as watermarking AI-generated content.

Mr Chang pointed out that such a bill in Malaysia would cover crucial aspects such as data privacy and public awareness of the use of AI.

“It would be important that this AI law pays attention to areas such as transparency, data privacy, accountability and cybersecurity, among other things.

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“The legislation could also include provisions to educate the public about AI and promote research and development in the field,” he said.

The legislation, he said, would not limit the development of AI technology, adding that it is important to balance the need to manage risk with the potential for innovation, ensuring that AI continues to contribute positively to the economy and society.

“It is also critical for the Department to continuously promote research and development in AI and machine learning technologies, promote ethical guidelines and support innovation that can help detect and counter misinformation and other forms of harmful content,” he added.

Malaysia is considering passing legislation on AI

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